Vintergatan Film & TV AB is a Swedish media company for production of film, television and multimedia.

Experience, craft and artistic thinking is the foundation of Vintergatan's business idea.

Vintergatan Film & TV AB was formed in 1985. The office is situated in the heart of Stockholm.

The company is owned and run by its professionals.

Vintergatan Film & TV AB initiates and develops projects for inhouse production.

We also develop and execute productions, or parts of productions, commissioned by TV Channels, Film Institutes, greater media corporations and institutions.

Vintergatan Film & TV AB produces commercials, corporate films and multimedia.

Vintergatan Film & TV AB has a well updated work relationship with artists, technicians, craftsmen and whatever talents to be found in the Swedish film and television business. On request, we can help foreign producers to line up productions in Scandinavia. We have great experience in handling casting procedures.

Partners of Vintergatan have organised and held various seminars, courses and teaching. Particularly in the fields of dramaturgy, writing, directing, acting, audio design and lighting.

Vintergatan's partners can also take on special jobs as a single consultant within their specific profession.

You can also rent a suite for uncompressed HD/SD video editing from us.

Vintergatan is the Swedish word for The Milky Way.