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Vintergatan Film & TV AB owns concepts, copyrights and distribution rights to a number of productions. Most of our in-house productions are funded and/or commissioned and co produced with major networks, film institutes and corporations.


Invest in Mulan Weichang

Mulan Weichang is a region situated some 350 kilometers north of Beijing. Weichang County has the ambition to develop into a sustainable community on all levels. The area is traditionally a tourist and agricultural region. With the assistance of the Swedish company Sustainable Lifestyle Sweden AB there are plans to develop a 4 seasons high end tourist destination based on sustainable principles. The Swedish architect firm Sweco has created a Master Plan for the entire county. The film “Invest in Mulan” is produced to inform and attract investors, partners, entrepreneurs, decision makers and press/media. The film is approx 5 minutes long.

The film is part of the communications platform/web site, and is produced in cooperation with Crossroads Learning & Entertainment AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Director/producer: Christoffer von Platen
Post production producer/sound: Christer Granberg
DoP: Christopher Norin
Web site: Rick Pedolsky

Fruits of Love
Pilot – trailer

“Fruits of Love” is the working title of a tv-series project created and developed by  the Swedish company; Content Group Africa, (Jan Marnell & Lars Weiss). Script by Magnus Abrahamsson & Thomas Blom. A pilot was shot in 2010 on location in Uganda, directed by Ugandan Director Caroline Kamya. Vintergatan´s Christoffer von Platen was working as Consulting Producer on location and Post Production Producer in Stockholm. With a series of stories based on social issues, “Fruits of Love” had an ambition to educate, inform and at the same attract and entertain a broad audience of all ages, in South East Africa. This is a trailer.

Producer: Jan Marnell
Associate producer: Christoffer von Platen
Director: Caroline Kamya

Att kasta eller inte kasta?
(To throw or not throw away?)

A commercial spot, based on the idea and pilot film winning a contest announced by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) amongst high school students.

The winning contribution is filmed in co-operation with artist/director Lasse Åberg and the production company Vintergatan Film & TV AB. The winning pilot was created by Kristofer Carlsson and Emma Linnér. Commercial spot for television (45 sec).

Producer: Christoffer von Platen
Director: Lasse Åberg
DoP: Dan Lepp
Post production: Christer Granberg

RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome

A television spot (commercial) informing about the symptoms of the affection RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). Espri Marketing, commissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim/ Stockholm (20 sec).
Director: Christoffer von Platen
DoP: Johan Andersson
Post production: Christer Granberg

Trazan & Banarne & De gömda
(Trazan & Banarne & The Hidden Batteries)

Trazan & Banarne are two characters of almost institutional fame in Sweden particularly from tv’s children’s programs. Trazan and Banarne, acted by well known artists Lasse Åberg and Klasse Möllberg, are two clown like figures settled in a shack placed on a top of a tree in a fictitious jungle. A fantasy set in a studio, inspired by comic strips and animations. The music is created and performed by Electric Banana Band which includes Trazan & Banarne.
This film, “The Hidden Batteries” is commissioned by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Statens Naturvårdsverk). It is an infotainment production pointing out the importance of recycling items with internal batteries, such as; computer games, mobile phones, toys and other digital, electrical devices. The film is in the first place aimed for children between 10 and 13 but it is basically entertaining all ages. The film will be distributed to all schools in
Sweden and some television networks. Dvd, 10 minutes.

Producer: Christoffer von Platen
Director: Linda Callenholt
DoP: Dan Lepp
Set design: Torbjörn Berg
Post production: Christer Granberg

Killings by Jan Hafstrom
(same title in English and Swedish)

A documentary about the Swedish artist/painter Jan Håfström. The film spins around an old pulp paperback found in Los Angeles written by someone unknown having the same name as our artist. The book, a sleazy pornstruck crime story is titled: Killings. In Sweden, Jan Håfström is considered to be one of the most evaluated contemporary artists. In this film Håfström freely speaks about his background and his inspirations. The film also involves Håfströms long time interest in the colonization of the
African continent and other issues connected to his work. The film was shown on the Swedish National Network´s (SvT) cultural series:
K-Special. (Nov. 2006), (30 min) (Digital Betacam).

Director/producer: Christoffer von Platen
DoP: Magnus Egler
Post production: Christer Granberg

Website, radio & TV

Written and directed by Joachim Bergenstråhle
Produced by Agneta Jansson

Fiskeriverket – a government authority dealing with research and information about swedish fishing and seafood production – wanted a campaign on the issue of crayfish and the diseases threatening it's population. Vintergatan produced Kräftmykrossaren (Crayfish mythbuster), containing one short film for public television; three radio jingles for commercial radio and a site for Internet. The website was the main attraction where the visitors could test their prejudices and knowledges about crayfish. The campaign was launched in summer 2006 and the site was active for two years.

Ett glas mjölk
(A glass of milk)

Distributed on DVD

Written an directed by
Christoffer von Platen
DoP: Dan Lepp
Produced by
Christoffer von Platen and
Christer Granberg

An eighteen minute film on how to refine milk to a number of good products. What makes a high quality yoghurt? What is unique about real butter? What is being done with the milk before it ends up on the shelf in your shop? Quality checking is an important task when if comes to fresh products, how is it done? In the hectic restaurant kitchen of Villa Källhagen, The Chef can ensure that only the best primary products are being used, among them milk, butter, cream and crème fraiche. At Mellqvist Café Bar in Stockholm the atmosphere is as important as The Caffe Latte itself. We also visit farms, dairies, and not to mention: Arla Food´s Innovation Center, where new dairy products are constantly invented and developed.
The film is commissioned and funded by Arla Foods AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006.

Åter till Malmberget
(Back to Malmberget)

TV-drama, 59 minutes. 2004. Distribution on DVD, VHS, DigiBeta. The film was shot on location in Malmberget and surroundings.

Cast: Göran Forsmark, Tord Peterson. Director: Allan Svensson
Cinematographer: Jan-Hugo Norman.
Producers: Agneta Jansson, Joachim Bergenstråhle

The IT executive Göran returns to his old home town, the mining community Malmberget. His mother has recently died and Göran wants to settle with his father, Gösta. He thinks that his father has treated Görans mother with cruel injustice and the time has come for a confrontation.

The views of the village, threatened to be devoured by the growing pit, and Görans visit at the mothers grave, makes the setting for the clash of generations; of industry and new technology; of worker and business leader. As it gets more personal Göran comes forward with his accusations. But the fathers story brings the family relation to an other light. The tragedy is exposed in full and Göran seeks reconciliation.

The film was shown on Swedish Television , SVT 1, the 10th of January 2005 and the reviews were very good.

En Bit Ost
(A Piece Of Cheese)

Distributed on VHS and DVD.

Written & directed by Christoffer von Platen and photographed by Andra Lasmanis.

A fourteen minutes film about cheese. Cheese as a product, as a delicacy, as everyday food and cheese as a cultural phenomenon. You will be taken to a cheese market in Dole de Bretagne. You will meet the cows from Viks Farm in Sweden and you will see the Cheese Masters at Kvibille making one of the best Cheddars on earth. On the way you will learn a lot about cheese and how to use it in cooking. The film was commissioned and funded by Arla Foods AB, one of the leading dairy producers in this world.

Den Första Dagen på Resten av Ditt Liv
(The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)

10 minute short film, distributed on 35 mm film (1:1,85) Letterbox frame. 2003.
Written and Directed by Joachim Bergenstråhle. Produced by Agneta Jansson.

An absurd story of characters Zosi and Bosse sitting in the curb as the urban life rushes on behind them. Tossing a coin wondering whether life is a matter of justice or if it´s all a coincidence.

Everyone has to be a World Champ, says Zosi hoping for a sip of Bosses luke warm beer. The film had it´s première in 2003 and was also shown in SVT/TV2. Production company: Vintergatan Film & TV AB.

(The Assistant)

Filmed on 24p. Length 30 minutes. 2003.

Produced by Agneta Jansson, Vintergatan Film & TV AB.

A psychological drama directed by Claudia Lisboa. Anna, a young immigrant with an aspiration to become an actor is hired as a personal assistant to a handicapped former Theatre Director. She is fascinated by his charisma and he of her naïve and untouched talents. The two become tied up in a net of attraction, mutual needs and contempt. Anna is gradually driven to a limit out of her control.

I Natt Går Jorden Under
(Tonight is the End of the World)

Filmed on Super 16 mm film. Blown up to 35 mm film. Length: 30 min. 1994.

Produced by Vintergatan Film & TV AB, Anne Ingvar and Staffan Sundberg.
A touching, tragic and somewhat comic short film about two young boys preparations for what they believe to be last hours before the final destruction of the world. Directed by young director Anders Gustafsson, script by well known Swedish writer Ulf Stark.Shown in SVT/ TV1 1995.


This computer game is written, constructed and directed by Christoffer von Platen and Joachim Bergenstråhle. It was awarded Best Multimedia Production by The Golden Clapperboard Award in 1998.

The total concept, or parts of it, can be adjusted and transformed into new contexts and to other areas of new media.

A computer game on cd-rom developed and produced by Vintergatan Film & TV AB on commission from The National Dairy Corporation Arla in Sweden. An interactive adventure in a world of mysterious locations, sounds and music. The game also contains an advanced simulator on all aspects of running a farm.

(The Squeak Mystery)

Written, directed and produced by Joachim Bergenstråhle. Can be translated and transformed to other media.

A 80 minute cassette book distributed on cd and music cassette. A musical drama staged in a zoo. The story of the little mouse Milla, searching for her stolen voice, assisted by the retired tiger Randolf, nowadays a vegetarian private detective. With a little help from their companion animals of the zoo they, after some twists and turns, find the thieves among the species of Man and the voice of Milla is eventually returned. A funny, entertaining and thrilling story with animals singing old songs in a new context.

Den Inre Hamnen
(The Inner Harbor)

Filmed on 16 mm film. 1990.

Directed and produced by Christoffer von Platen and Michael Stenberg. Production company: Vintergatan Film & TV AB.

A 30 minute documentary about the docks of Gothenburg. How the end of the industrial era changes the heart of seaport Gothenburg and the people dependent and living off its harbor.

Première at The Gothenburg Film Festival in 1990.
Shown in SvT/TV2 later the same year.

Pröva Lyckan
(Try Your Luck)

Directed and produced by Christoffer von Platen and Christer Granberg. Vintergatan Film & TV AB. 1989.

A 4 minute music video based on the song (same title) by Swedish cult rock band Torsson. A dramatized, documentary style black humor, poetic odyssey of a poor man spending the day collecting money for a night on the horse tracks.

First shown in SVT/TV2 in 1989.